There are seven different types of Republick Trust Accounts, as described below:

Personal Account: Your Personal Account allows you to send and receive eLD, as well as deposit and withdraw Liberty Dollars. You can also refer other Members, and earn bonuses and commissions. There is currently no monthly maintenance fee for Personal Accounts.

Business Account: A Business Account is for Merchants and Professionals who offer products and services to the public. It includes everything in the personal account, as well as a shopping cart that allows you to post your items or services on any website, and as a bonus, you can elect to have them listed on’s own Online Shopping Center, as well. This means that your products and services will be visible to all Members of the Republick Trust Private Membership Association, so they’ll know that you will accept eLD. There is a monthly maintenance fee of $12.95 for Business Accounts.

Branch Office Account: This is for Franchise Branch Offices, and includes the tools necessary to handle customer transactions, as well as all of the Personal and Business Account features. Fees are charged through the Franchise fee.

Government Level Accounts: These accounts are for Community, County, Nation-state and National Governments. They allow government officials to access and use eLD and Liberty Dollars, and earn small commissions based on the transactions of Members within their jurisdictions. They pay specific fees depending on the level of government involved.