Franchise Agreement

This agreement, by and between The Republick Trust, a Common Law Business Trust whose offices are located at 106 Ohio Avenue North, Live Oak Florida, 32064, hereinafter known as Franchisor, and

[Insert Franchisee], whose address is [Insert Franchisee Address], hereinafter known as Franchisee, sets forth in writing the entire covenant between the parties, as specifically enumerated here below.

1. Grant of Franchise

Franchisor, for and in consideration of certain monies in hand paid and other good and valuable consideration, grants to Franchisee the limited, nontransferable, nonexclusive right to use and display Franchisor’s trademarks, logos, and service marks (hereinafter known as the Marks), and its system of operation for a period of one year from the date of this agreement, and Franchisee acknowledges that the Marks and the System are the sole intellectual property of Franchisor, and that Franchisee is no ownership rights therein. Franchisee further acknowledges that Franchisor Perpetually retain the right to terminate Franchisee about the us brand-of-license the event of any breach of this or any related agreement.

2. Opening Date, Territory Limitations, Necessary Fixtures and Equipment

The primary office of the Franchise shall be located at [Insert Franchise Address] and shall claim as its exclusive territory as area extending from that address for five miles in all directions, and no other Franchise shall be permitted to be located less than ten miles from the address above unless by the same Franchisee. Franchisee shall have the right to open additional locations as long as the territory of no other Franchisee will be impacted thereby. The Franchise shall be open for business within thirty days of this agreement, and with sufficient Liberty Dollars and eLD to be able to perform the required services for customers of the Franchise. A mobile operation is acceptable for the first three months of operation, with a physical location permanently registered with Franchisor by the end of that time. Prior to opening for business, Franchisee will secure a minimum of one computer capable of accessing the internet, a smart phone or tablet with internet access for mobile operations, a safe and secure storage mechanism for Liberty Dollars and a place to secure items that may be bailed to the local Franchise.

3. Fees and Required Purchases

The Franchise Fee of Five Hundred Ninety-nine dollars will be paid in twelve monthly installments of Forty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents, or may be paid annually in a single payment of exactly Five Hundred dollars. This fee shall be paid each year on the anniversary of this agreement in either form. In addition, the System charges and Account Maintenance Fee of Twelve dollars and ninety-five cents eLD each month, beginning one month after the account is opened. Furthermore, Franchisee agrees to pay, when required, a reasonable share of any advertising and promotional costs that will benefit the Franchise, and to pay any additional training costs for employees or agents of the Franchise as needed. Franchisee further acknowledges that there may be from time to time additional fees that may be imposed on the Franchise and that these will be paid in a timely manner when due. The Royalty Fee of Five Percent of the gross profits of the Franchise is hereby waived for any month when the monthly gross profits of the Franchise shall be less Twenty Thousand dollars, and shall be paid monthly when due no later than the fifth day of the following month.

4. Advertising

Franchisee hereby agrees to use approved advertising materials in the promotion of the Franchise, and to submit any non-approved advertising concepts to Franchisor for approval before implementing them. Franchisee further agrees to pay its fair share of any cooperative advertising that benefits Franchisee, such payment to be due and payable on demand.

5. Term and Renewal

The Term of this Agreement shall be for One Year from the date upon which the Agreement is executed by the autographs of the parties below, and shall automatically renew for a like period unless terminated by either party for any reason with thirty days advance notice of intent to terminate.

6. Services Offered by Franchisor

Franchisor shall provide to Franchisee sufficient training in the use of the System to allow proficiency in its use and operation, and in the ancillary services provided by Franchisor to Customers. The training shall include the use of Deposit and Withdrawal functions, Account Maintenance functions, Bailment functions, and training in the optional services of Document Recording and Witnessing, Trust Creation and Witnessing and Common Law Administrative Aid will be made available at additional cost.

7. Protection of Proprietary Information, Marks and Other Intellectual Property

Franchisee hereby acknowledges that the Marks and Systems, as well as the procedures of the optional services, are the Proprietary Intellectual Property of Franchisor, and that Franchisee receives no rights of ownership or access other than those granted by this agreement. No information provided in training shall be disclosed to any third party, and such information may not be copied, edited or rewritten for the purpose of marketing it, or of creating a competing enterprise.

Franchisee will provide hands-on training in the primary functions of the System, with an instructor directing the Franchisee either in person or by electronic communications in practice transactions so that the Franchisee becomes knowledgeable in the operations of the System. Any additional functions which may be added to the system at a later time will cause Franchisor to offer additional training at no cost to the Franchisee. Franchisee may elect to have employees or agents take training as well, at the expense of Franchisee. Training for employees or agents shall be provided at a cost of Three Hundred Dollars per employee or agent attending.

Training for Optional Services will be provided by Franchisor at a cost of Three Hundred Dollars for each additional service, regardless of whether the student is the Franchisee or an employee of agent thereof. Any license or permit requirements in the Franchisee’s jurisdiction shall be the responsibility of the Franchisee.

9. Quality Control

Franchisee hereby agrees to maintain the highest standards of quality in the operation of the Franchise and the provision of its services to customers. Franchisor reserves the right to inspect Franchisee’s operation and to examine the transaction records and books of the Franchise at any time, without prior notice. Failure to maintain appropriate standards of quality may be considered valid reason for termination of this agreement.

10. Transfers

Franchisee may not, unless permitted in writing by Franchisor, sell, assign or otherwise transfer any of its rights or obligations under this agreement to any other party. If Franchisee wishes to transfer such rights and obligations, Franchisee may contact Franchisor to discuss the conditions under which such transfer may be permitted, including, but not limited to, an interview of the prospective receiver by Franchisor and confirmation of the prospect’s likely ability to properly conduct the business of the Franchise.

11. Defaults, Damages and Complaint Limitations

Any breach of any term of this Agreement may be considered a violation of the terms of the Agreement, unless such breach is cured to the satisfaction of both parties within a reasonable time. However, any misappropriation of customer funds, misuse of the System for any purpose or any other act which may be alleged to be fraudulent or criminal, shall result in immediate suspension of this agreement until such time as an investigation into the possible breach can be concluded and the validity of the allegations. If the allegations are in fact confirmed, then the breach shall be sufficient to result in the immediate termination of this Agreement without recourse by the Franchisee, and any and all legal action may be taken by Franchisor to recover any losses or damages incurred by Franchisor or its customers.

12. Obligations Upon Expiration or Termination

Immediately upon any termination of this Agreement, whether from expiration or willful or forced termination, the Franchisee shall begin to remove all identifying Marks, including signs, banners, window decals and any other Marks, from the premises, and announce the termination of services publicly. All accounts of Franchisee will be shut down or modified to restrict access to proprietary systems, and Franchisee will immediately settle any debts of the Franchise.

13. Franchisor’s Right of First Refusal

In the event that Franchisee shall desire to sell the Franchise, Franchisor shall have a right of first refusal. Franchisee shall either make an offer to purchase the Franchise or decline to make such an offer within no more than thirty days after notification by Franchisee.

14. Relationship Between the Parties

Franchisee acknowledges that he or she is an independent contractor doing business with Franchisor, and that nothing in this agreement, regardless of any error of perception or implication, shall in any way create any other relationship between the parties, and that Franchisee is not an agent, employee, partner or otherwise entangled with Franchisor.

15. Indemnification

Franchisee hereby agrees, should any claim or loss or suit be presented against it, to hold Franchisor harmless and fully indemnified, defending Franchisor and reimbursing Franchisor for any costs or legal fees which it might suffer or incur as a result of such claim or suit.

16. Non-Competition Covenant and Similar Restrictions

For the term of this Agreement, including any renewals and/or extensions thereof, Franchisee agrees not to engage in any similar enterprise or services in competition with Franchisor, the Franchise or any other Franchisee. Franchisee further agrees to refrain from entering into any particularly similar business or enterprise for a period of five years after the termination of this agreement, and from providing to any other party the proprietary information and knowledge obtained by Franchisee during the course of this Agreement.

17. Dispute Resolution

The parties hereby agree that, should any dispute arise between them, that good faith attempts shall first be made to resolve the dispute by communication and discussion, and that should the dispute not be so resolved, to commit to binding arbitration, with the cost thereof to be borne by the Franchisor, and to regard the judgment of the arbitrator as final and binding upon both parties, and both parties agree to comply with such final and binding judgment.

18. Insurance

Franchisee agrees to purchase and maintain insurance to cover any liabilities of the Franchise, and cover any losses due to theft, fire, fraud or any other source, and to name Franchisor as “additional insured.”

19. Additional Provisions

Franchisee shall be responsible for any fees, licenses, taxes or other encumbrances that may be imposed upon the Franchise by the state, county or city in which it is based or operates, and Franchisor has no obligation to provide any location-specific requirements to the Franchisee.

Therefore, in order to make this Agreement of full force and effect, the parties hereto have signified Acceptance of these Terms by affixing their autographs below this _____ day of ______________, 20__.

[Insert Franchisee Name]

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First Witness [Insert Printed Name Here]

Second Witness [Insert Printed Name Here]