Republick Trust Small Business Booster

In order to foster acceptance of Liberty Dollars, Republick Trust is launching our Small Business Funding Program. What this means is that we will accept a Security Interest in the future profits of a new Startup or Existing Small Business that agrees to accept Liberty Dollars for its goods or services, and advance Liberty Dollars to assist them in getting started or expanding. This program is available to anyone who meets the following criteria.

1. A successful candidate will present Republick Trust with a clear and precise business plan, showing a reasonable projection of profits over the next two years.

2. The business plan should show a clear understanding of the market and any existing competition, with a detailed plan for overcoming any obstacles.

3. The business plan should show the experience, training and capabilities of the management in regard to implementing the plan and managing the business.

Upon acceptance, a successful applicant will pay a Funding Inception Fee of $250 USD to cover the costs involved. Republick Trust will then provide a Security Agreement that will authorize the creation of Liberty Dollars for the use of the business in an amount up to a maximum of fifty percent of the projected two-year profits including a fifteen percent bailment fee, and outline the process for redemption of the Security Agreement. These Liberty Dollars may be used for any purpose necessary for the creation or expansion of the business, and the total funding will be redeemed (repaid) over a period of two to five years, depending on the individual circumstances pertaining to the individual business.

If you would like to apply for this program, please forward your business plan to Once it has been reviewed, we will be in touch with you about how to proceed.