Your Branch Office will provide some services to users of Liberty Dollars similar to those offered by a bank dealing with legal tender. The following is a list of those services.

Exchange: Members will come to you when they want to convert FRN’s to Liberty Dollars. You’ll accept the cash at $22.50 per ounce, and credit $25 per ounce to the Member’s eLD account.

Deposit: Members will come to you when they have Liberty Dollars (Warehouse Receipts) that they wish to convert to digital eLD, and “deposit” them into their eLD accounts. Each deposit you process earns you a one dollar administrative fee. You will accept the Warehouse Receipts at full face value, and transfer an equal amount of eLD, minus one dollar, from your eLD account to theirs.

Withdrawal: Likewise, Members will come when they wish to convert eLD to Liberty Dollars, making a “withdrawal.” Each withdrawal you process earns you a one dollar administrative fee. You simply transfer the eLD from their account to your own, along with a one dollar administrative fee, and give them the Warehouse Receipts.

Opening a New Account: Opening an account with Republick Trust through your Branch Office creates the Membership Relationship between the new Member and the Company. It also entitles you to a commission of five percent of every transaction fee earned by Republick Trust from each of those Members, and a five dollar bonus the first time each of those Members makes a deposit of at least one ounce of value, (twenty-five dollars eLD). This bonus is a reward given to you for bringing a new Member into the Association.

Optional Services

As a Branch Office of Republick Trust, depending on the state where you live, you can offer some of our optional services. We offer recording services, making a permanent record of any information your customers wish to have securely recorded; we offer witnessing services, with two competent Professional Witnesses signing a declaration that they understand the issue being witnessed and are willing to testify to the same; and we offer Common Law Trust services, providing the simple paperwork necessary to create a Common Law Trust and recording the same. All these services will add to the profits you make and offer beneficial services to your local community. Here, we provide a brief description of each.

Recording Service: When a Member needs something to be recorded and made verifiable, he/she can bring it to your Branch Office. You will make a copy of the document and a cover page stating the name of the person recording the document, the date and time it was recorded, and an affidavit that the copy is a true and correct copy of the original document. Scan the original and the cover page and save them as a PDF file on your computer, while placing the printed copy and cover page into a file folder and a secure, fireproof file cabinet. In a ledger, you will record the transaction itself, along with the file number that you assigned to the folder and the PDF file. For each item recorded, we recommend a fee of fifteen to twenty-five dollars.

Witness Service: You will provide Witness Service for Members by joining with a second party to “Witness” any arrangement, contract or other action undertaken by the Member. To accomplish this, all parties to the action must be present and must satisfy the Witnesses as to their true identities. The action will be read aloud by one of the Witnesses, and each party will speak to their understanding of the action. When all parties agree on its meaning and purpose, as well as the duties and obligations imposed on each party, the Witnesses will record the action as above, adding a separate page containing their affidavit that they did witness the execution of the action and are satisfied that all parties understood its meaning, purpose, duties and obligations and chose to execute it in good faith, and that the Witnesses are prepared upon reasonable notice to testify to this fact. Both Witnesses will sign the affidavit and affix a seal that identifies them as Private Professional Witnesses. Note that this is not the same as the service offered by a Notary Public, because a Notary Public attests only to the identity of the person or persons before them, while a Private Professional Witness attests to the identity of the parties involved in the action, the intent of the action and the stated intent of the parties when entering into the action. We recommend a fee of up to one hundred dollars for this service, but you may wish to charge more or less depending on the individual situation. You will decide what to pay the witnesses.

Trust Services: Establishing a Common Law Trust is simply a matter of contract. You will maintain various Common Law Trust Forms which can be completed by anyone who wishes to form a Common Law Trust. When a Member wishes to form a Common Law Trust, you will discuss with him the type of Trust being established and provide the appropriate forms. Once the Member has completed the forms, you will record them as above. We recommend a fee of up to fifty dollars for this service.

Each of these services will add to your bottom line and profitability. This is our goal at Republick Trust; to ensure that our Branch Offices, which are independent businesses, are successful and profitable.